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Australian Centurion number 66

posted 19 Sep 2013, 21:19 by Race Walking SA - SARWC
Congratulations to Peter Crump on an amazing effort and result.
Athletics SA - SA Walker joins Centurions Club
The Australian Centurions

The official organ of the Victorian Race Walking Club - 2012/2013 Number 51 - 17 September 2013
There is no need to vote for my Walker of the Week this week - it can only be South Australian racewalker Peter Crump. Peter was one of 14 competitors in our VRWC 24 Hour Walk last weekend at Middle Park and he was one of six walkers to complete in excess of 100 miles within the requisite 24 hour period. By so doing, he qualified as Australian Centurion number 66. But it was a big ask for Peter whose previous longest walk was in the 2010 Australian 50km championship when he finished third with 4:59:14. It's a big jump into the unknown from 50km to 100 miles (160.934km). He walked an excellent first half, covering 93.224km at the 12 hour mark. So he had only just over 64km to go and 12 hours in the kitty. Sounds easy! If only life were so simple. He hit the proverbial wall around the 19 hour mark and had to dig deep in the final 5 hours of the event, eventually reaching his 100 mile target in a time of 23:39:40. His performance against the odds was so impressive that he was awarded the Jack Webber Trophy for the gutsiest walk of the meet. It was a well deserved honour. Well done Peter on joining the ranks of this elite club. It is a huge feat and you have done it on your first attempt.


Peter Crump (C 66) in action last weekend at Middle Park - 100 miles in 23:39:40


1. BENNETT, Peter QLD 581 185.199 km C24
2. SCHOLZ, Justin VIC 587 168.934 km C61
3. BILLETT, David SA 582 165.022 km C50
4. CRUMP, Peter SA 583 161.250 km C66
5. RICHARDSON, Saul NSW 586 135.772 km
6. JORDAN, Steve VIC 584 131.742 km C64
7. TIMMS, John VIC 588 128.605 km
8. WHYTE, Robin NSW 591 102.500 km C 29
9. TUTTY, Peter NSW 589 75.000 km
10. McGOWAN, Tony VIC 585 72.500 km


1. SCHOLZ, Sharon VIC 595 168.934 km C63
2. O'NEILL, Karyn VIC 594 163.732 km C45
3. BAIRD, Carol ACT 593 85.000 km C39

We also hosted RWA 100km championships, with provisional times as follows for the medallists.

1. SCHOLZ, Sharon VIC 595 13:25:36
2. O'NEILL,Karyn VIC 594 14:31:27

1. BENNETT, Peter QLD 581 12:07:30
2. CRUMP, Peter SA 583 12:55:06
3. WHYTE, Robin NSW 591 13:21:40

The major trophy for the day, the Gordon Smith Award, went to Peter Crump for what was an inspirational first centurion finish.