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King of the Mountain 2016

posted 15 Jun 2014, 00:06 by Race Walking SA - SARWC   [ updated 5 Jul 2016, 02:22 by SA Race Walking - SARWC ]
On the 9th of July starting at 1:30pm we have our annual “King of the Mountain”, which involves distances of;

Open - Male - King - 10.2km
Open - Female - Queen - 5.1km
U18 - Male - Prince - 5.1km
U18 - Female - Princess - 5.1km
U15 - Male - Sprite - 3.5km
U15 - Female - Pixie - 3.5km
U12 - Male - Imp - 2.1km
U12 - Female - Nymph - 2.1km

The walks mostly take place on sealed roads through the Belair National park, so it’s important to keep to the right and watch for traffic.
The walks of 2.1 km and 3.5 km cover some up and down sections, which provides some hill work for the junior walkers. The 5.1 km course takes in a really nasty hill for the last 1.6Km, so only for the experienced or game.

See the map for details.

We will be meeting at the Joseph Fisher shelter and a gold coin donation BBQ will be available.

There is an entry fee for cars, and we will arrange for some cars to be inside to transport you to the BBQ and back at the end. Take the mobile numbers of the committee (Heather Harlington 0438527118) so you can arrange for pick ups. You can then park just outside the gates.

Of course you can come earlier and enjoy the park. A good fun day in the country, but bring your winter gear as it does get cold.

Interesting King of the Mountain information.

Distance              Ascent from Last Distance     Overall Ascent     Ascent Angle from Last Distance     Overall Ascent Angle (degrees)
2.1Km                  53m (in 2100m)                          53m                       1.44                                                       1.44
3.5Km                  50m (in 1400m)                          103m                     2.04                                                       1.68            
5.1Km                  110m (in 1600m)                        213m                     3.93                                                       2.39

Approx. 3.4 to 4.1Km 12 degrees ascent
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15 Jun 2014, 00:13
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