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News Letter 26th of April 2015

posted 25 Apr 2015, 18:54 by Race Walking SA - SARWC


If you haven't already, please apply for membership for all athletes by next Saturday as this is important for insurance reasons, provides the ability for us to communicate with you and provides important information such as your age group. All members get a grace of 2 races before they must be registered.

Registration is performed online at the web address listed below. Normally the clubs computer is available for registration at the club rooms, however since we have been using it for electronic race timing this facility has not been available prior to events. Steve will look into providing this option again.

2. FEES:

Since Steve has been busy with the electronic race timing this year he has not been available to take cash or cheque payments prior to or during races. Unfortunately due to the circumstances if you need change or an immediate receipt these two payment methods will need to be made either 30 minutes prior to the start of the first race or after all races have completed. If you can provide the correct money in an envelope with your name and reason for the payment, this can be handed to Steve at any time. In this case a receipt will be provided the following week. Alternative payment methods are; direct transfer, paypal or school vouchers for primary school ages children (see prior email).

Payment by cash, cheque, paypal direct transfer or school vouchers.


Race registration is performed online each week. It would be appreciated if all athletes could registered before 10am on Saturday morning to enable the automatic creation of manual time sheets and entry into the electronic timing system. If you are unable to register prior to 10am on Saturday you will need to;

  • ensure your name has been added to the manual time sheets (See volunteers running the manual timing).
  • ensure you have been registered into the electronic timing system (see Steve Harlington).


Since the electronic timing is in its testing phase manual timing is still being performed. The results are currently based upon the manual timing record.

We are currently using temporary electronic race timing tags. In the short term you will receive a new set of tags each week. Please come and collect your new RFID tags as soon as you arrive at the event from Steve Harlington, and ensure your tags from the previous week have been disregarded. Longer term we are looking at supplying permanent tags.


Bib Numbers must be worn to every race which helps the judges identify you. If you have your numbers from last season please re-use them. If they have been lost come and see me before your race on Saturday.


Uniform tops have been ordered and Heather will follow up on Monday to find the expected delivery date. We do have a large number of uniform tops available in the club rooms however some sizes are out of stock.


As per the IAAF rule book all competitors must have shorts that do not go below the knee as this impedes judging. Shorts also need to be navy blue in colour. If you have longer shorts you will be disqualified from the race.


The LBG carnival will be held on June the 7th 2015 in Canberra ACT.
Please find the entry forms and information sheet attached below. The forms need to be with Heather Harlington by the 16th of May with payment to Steve Harlington, no late entries will be accepted. Also if you haven't done so already, Bob Crusie is organizing teams for Canberra so please see him ASAP.

9. In a race when do I turn around?

Races with a single lap.

1Km yellow cone.
1.5Km green cone.
2Km orange cone.

Races with multiple laps

We always complete the furthest distance laps first followed by the shorter distance. Here are some examples;
3Km - 1 x 2Km then 1 x 1Km
5Km - 2 x 2Km then 1 x 1Km
15Km - 7 x 2Km then 1 x 1Km

Race Walking SA - SARWC,
25 Apr 2015, 18:57
Race Walking SA - SARWC,
25 Apr 2015, 18:58