Awards System

Each year SARWC has a presentation day to present various awards. Below is a summary of what awards athletes could win, and the criteria for each of the awards. Recipients must be members of SARWC for the current season.

Awards for Highest Points for the Winter Season 

Over 35 Men / Women
Open Men / Women
Under 18 Boys/ Girls
Under 16 Boys/ Girls
Under 14 Boys/ Girls
Under 12 Boys/ Girls
Age group is determined by your age as of 31st December.

Points for each age group (male and female) are given as follows; 
1st – 10 points, 2nd – 8 points, 3rd – 6 points, 4th – 5 points, 5th – 4 points, 6th – 3 points, 7th – 2 points, 8th onwards – 1 point

  • A walker can nominate (and be counted for points) in a higher age group. They can make the nomination at the start of the season (for the whole season) or do this event by event
  • If no different age group is nominated, the walker will participate in their actual age group.
  • Points are only scored in the age group the walker has nominated.
  • Nomination is required for state championships (note ASA membership is required) and club championships.
  • Points are only scored if the walker participates in the distance for their age or longer. If participating in shorter distances they are a “reserve” and do not count in placing and points.
  • To be eligible for an award, walkers must have participated in at least 5 point scoring events.

Other Awards

King of the Mountain
King of the Mountain and Queen of the Mountain (Open)
Prince of the Mountain and Princess of the Mountain (Under 18)
Sprite of the Mountain and Pixie of the Mountain (Under 15)
Imp and Nymph of the Mountain (Under 12)

Interesting King of the Mountain information.

Distance              Ascent from Last Distance     Overall Ascent     Ascent Angle from Last Distance     Overall Ascent Angle (degrees)
2.1Km                  53m (in 2100m)                          53m                       1.44                                                       1.44
3.5Km                  50m (in 1400m)                          103m                     2.04                                                       1.68            
5.1Km                  110m (in 1600m)                        213m                     3.93                                                       2.39

Approx. 3.4 to 4.1Km 12 degrees ascent

Jack Webber Trophy
Awarded for the open men’s winner of the longest state championship event.

Knight and Campbell Shield
Awarded to the winner of the open 10km handicap event.

Rob McFadden Trophy
Awarded to the winner of the under 16 5km handicap event.

Most Improved
Awarded to the walker who (in the opinion of the selectors) has made the most improvement during the season.

Club Championship - Short
(Open Men and Women 8km, Over 35 Men and Women 8km, Under 20 Men and Women 8km, Under 18 Boys and Girls 6km, Under 16 Boys and Girls 4km, Under 14 Boys 2km)

Club Championship - Long
(Open Men and Women 15km, Over 35 Men and Women 15km, Under 20 Men and Women 10km, Under 18 Boys and Girls 8km, Under 16 Boys and Girls 5km, Under 14 Boys 3km)

Starr Awards
(Consistent Improvement, Determination, Persistence, Effort)
The Starr Awards are named after Bill Starr who is the proud sponsor.
Age Groups (Federation Events)
Age group is age on day for LBG and Interstate Challenge.