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2019 Federation

September 9 2019 SARWC will be hosting RWA/AA championships from the Open 20km down to Under 12 2km (details).


Walkers in Athletics Australia Championship events may be nominated to represent their State as official representatives provided that they are current members of Athletics Australia affiliated clubs. These walkers should wear State uniforms. State or Australian Institute of Sport walkers may wear their official Institute competition uniform. The remaining Race Walking Australia club athletes must wear their official Walking Club uniform. Other walkers should wear a uniform that conforms to IAAF standards.

A volunteer roster will be appearing here soon to start compiling the offers of assistance we're receiving.

We will be running a raffle on the day, photos of prizes are below;

1- Men's T Shirt French Team, USA jacket from Bronze Medalist in Me's Pole Vault, Rio Olympics: Sam Kendricks
2- Women's Top and 2 Pairs of Shorts Australian Team Rio Olympics
3- Back Pack Beijing World Championships, Aus team socks, Cap from Brazil, Drink Bottle Gold Coast Commonwealth games