COVID-19 Guidelines


· If you are feeling unwell, please stay at home and do not attend events.

· If you have any immune issues, pre-existing health conditions or consider yourself in a high-risk category please put your health first and consider when is the right time for you to join us.

· Maximum of 50 participants in any one group. We shall have two start times.

· Non-contact at all times.

· No spectators.

· Participant can only be accompanied 1 caregiver who is not participating.

· Observe and ensure social distancing (1.5 metres rule)

· Clubrooms cannot be used. Bags and personal belongings to be outside.

· We shall be minimising use of shared equipment. Judges are asked to bring their own paddles and boards if they have.

· Minimise unnecessary co-mingling. We ask that athletes and caregiver leave once event and necessary warm down completed. Athletes 18 and over are asked not to warm up on course while Junior walkers competing.

· Practice good hygiene at all times. Use provided hand sanitiser.

· Disinfect equipment before storing for next event.

· Refer to signage in compliance with current restrictions and advice.