Membership and Uniforms

How to Become a Member

The South Australian Race Walkers Club (SARWC) membership is open to all age groups (7 years and above) and all abilities. We welcome anyone who would like to join our club, or if you are unsure if race walking is for you, you are welcome to Come and Try,

Competitions being held over the winter season on Saturday afternoons (typically from April to September).

During the Summer months, Athletics SA hold their events which includes race walking. This is independent to SARWC. To compete in the summer season you must be a member of a Local Athletics Club.

For both the SARWC and Local Athletics clubs you must become a member of Athletics SA.


Age Groups for both Men and Women


Over 35

Over 50

Under 20

Under 18

Under 16

Under 14

Under 12

Under 10


Registration Types


You can register as a 'Competing Walker' or as a 'Club Rule Walker'.

A 'Club Rule Walker' will mean you are not judged as strictly in relation to knees unless you are gaining an advantage.

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Uniforms can be purchased during our winter Saturday competitions (please do not order online).

The following items can be purchased. 

SA Race Walking Club Singlet: $40

SA Race Walking Club Polo: $45

SA Race Walking Club Pants: $70

SA Race Walking Club Hoodies: $70


There are places you can go for funding; 

This grant can only be used for events run by ASA, AA or on an AA organised national team. The grant is also only for athletes aged 12-18

   Where do the profits go? – Lumary City-Bay Fun Run - The City Bay can be contacted for grants

Local councils have their own grants you can apply for

SARWC has a race walk academy where we can offer up to $300 a year to athletes who are current financial members and selected to represent Australia by a national body and aren't fully funded. To be eligible you'll need to be an active member (racing/volunteering).