Program (SARWC Winter Season)

Welcome back to past members and a warm welcome to any new members!

Definition of Race Walking

Race Walking is a progression of steps so taken that the walker makes contact with the ground, so that no visible (to the human eye) loss of contact occurs. The advancing leg must be straightened (i.e. not bent at the knee) from the moment of first contact with the ground until the vertical upright position. ‘Club rule’ walkers won’t be judged for knees as this category is designed for people learning to race walk or who no longer feel they have the ability to fully straighten their knees.

The program that follows includes weekly club races as well as club championships, Athletics SA championships and Athletics Australia/Race Walking Australia championships. SARWC have some other unique races outlined here;

Jack Webber Trophy: Awarded to the open winner of the longest distance of the year. Jack Webber was a walker who specialised in long distance walks, including a couple of walks between Adelaide and Melbourne. As a masters athlete he walked 6:29:59 for 50km in his 70’s. His wife Ruth was also a long serving race walking judge and this race honours his commitment to the club and to long distance events. (2021 Winner: Kim Mottrom)

McFadden Trophy: Rob McFadden and Roy McFadden (son and father) were both long standing members of the club. Rob set a number of state records over distances between 3000m and 20km that were later overtaken by Liam Murphy and Darren Bown. Rob also represented Australia in the Race Walking World Cup over 20km. His father Roy also walked distances up to 50km and was one of the states prominent coaches for a long period (including coaching Liam Murphy). (2021 Winner: Sebastian Richards)

Mountain Championships: The club has had a long tradition of once a year challenging athletes to a race on a mountain/uphill. On courses near Flinders University, Athelstone, Mount Lofty and now Belair National Park, club members have been challenging themselves for decades.

Interstate Challenge: In the early 2000’s Race Walking Australia created a postal challenge to have a national competition, as not all athletes can attend national championships interstate. Once a year each state competes over the exact same distances and age groups with all results being collated with one state being the winner. SARWC have won this a couple of times and in 2019 were a close runner up.

Knight & Campbell Shield: For years the club has held a yacht handicap 10km race that is open to all members. The winner of the handicap is awarded this trophy. (2021 Winner: Bill Starr)

Peter Fullager Trophy: To honour a great walker and technician, we have a committee decided trophy for the walker who shows excellence with their technique. It can be for consistency or for significant work and improvement, (2021 Winner: Sebastian Richards)

The club also holds a number of events throughout the year designed just for fun. After a championship race or on the day of the AGM the focus isn’t always winning or doing your fastest time, so the club puts on the following events;

Guess Your Time: Handicap races where athletes submit their estimated times prior to race day and all athletes compete without a watch or a visible clock. Closest to their guess wins!

Timed Walks: Once a year we have races over 1 hour, 30 minutes and 15 minutes where athletes challenge themselves to go as far as possible in these times

Relays: For the final race of the year the competition director places entrants into relay teams split up evenly based on previous times. Fastest team wins!