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Life Members of SARWC

Jared Tallent (2016)
Tanya Holliday (2016)
Bob Cruise (2015)
Jane Barbour (Lewry)*
Darren Bown*
Zoë Eastwood-Bryson
Merv Cotton (deceased)
Ian Fay*
Peter Fullager*
Vivienne Fullager
Lilian Harper*
Arthur Jones
Tonia Lewry
Shelia Malbut
Stan Malbut
(Snowy) PS McCavanagh (deceased)
Robert McFaddden*
Roy McFadden (deceased)
Liz Downs (nee Morgan)
Brian Murphy
Liam Murphy*
Geoff Peters
Vic Sharp (deceased)
Bill Starr
Claire Tallent (Woods)*
Tim Thompson (deceased)
Jack Webber (deceased)
Ruth Webber (deceased)

*Jane Barbour (Lewry), Darren Bown, Ian Fay, Peter Fullager, Lilian Harper, Rob McFadden, Liam Murphy, Claire Tallent (Woods), Jared Tallent and Tanya Holliday are athletes, who by virtue of their athletic prowess, that is, having represented Australia at Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games or World Race Walking Cup, have been awarded life Membership of the South Australian Race Walkers Club.
Other Life Memberships have been awarded for outstanding contributions to the ongoing success of SARWC.